The milestones of our family business

In 1957, Mr T.  van Rootselaar Sr. returned from the oil refineries in Australia. A welder by profession, he was quick to find employment back in the Netherlands. However, having had a taste of freedom combined with this entrepreneurial spirit, he preferred to be self-employed and aspired to start his own company. Noticing the growing demand for gas in the Netherlands, he decided to start in the business of manufacturing propane tanks. In doing so, he founded Tankbouw Rootselaar, the first of five companies that comprise Rootselaar Group.

How our company grew from there? We have listed our milestones below. 


Third generation takes office

Eager to contribute to the family business, the third generation took office in 2021. Four sons, in turn now, are now involved in the daily operations, aiming for further consolidation and company growth.


Acquisition of Kooiman Apparatenbouw

With Kooiman Apparatenbouw, the Van Rootselaar brothers added the sixth company to their Group. Kooiman Apparatenbouw designs and manufactures process equipment, adding to the product mix of Rootselaar Group while providing overlap to allow synergy. 


Joint Venture with Cryotech Middle East, Dubai (UAE)

The joint venture with Cryotech Middle East served to meet the needs of local customers. Cryotech Middle East provides regional depot, maintenance and repair services. 


Hadetec becomes a group member

Hadetec, a smaller player in the market, decided to join Rootselaar Group in 2011. Contrary to the other group members, Hadetec is primarily engineering-driven. The result is pure synergy, as Hadetec brings a level of insight to the drawing table that is unrivalled within the Group. 


Joint Venture with Cryotech Asia, Bangkok (Thailand)

To improve their competitiveness and continue their international expansion, the brothers decided on a joint venture with Cryotech Asia – a family business in its own right. Located in Bangkok, this third Rootselaar Group member specialises in cryogenic equipment. A large part of their services includes refurbishment, repair and storage.


Acquisition of Cryovat

Entrepreneurs at heart, the Van Rootselaar brothers entered the field of cryogenics in the mid-90s. By acquiring Cryovat, they now offered a full range of cryogenic pressure vessels and accompanying equipment. 


Second generation takes office

When his sons took office, they expanded their business to include pressure vessels for oxygen, ammonia, freons and other substances. All products were tailor-made – custom development has been a cornerstone of their operations ever since.


Founding of Tankbouw Rootselaar in the Netherlands

With the money earned from working as a welder in Australian refineries, Mr van Rootselaar Sr. founded Tankbouw Rootselaar. He started out with the production of small propane tanks but quickly moved on to bigger tanks and, ultimately, tank trailers. He provided design, manufacturing, depot and maintenance services throughout his career – as would his sons in the years to come. 

Our approach

Your solid partner since 1957

Professionally and geographically, we have grown since the early days. But at heart, we never changed: We continue to be personally involved while bringing your order to a good end.  

International focus, Dutch quality

We serve worldwide clients with robust and reliable products: we understand the value of true craftsmanship. That’s Dutch quality for you. 

We’re not satisfied until you are

We start with conventional products and then alter them to meet your requirements: We customise international standards. And we will continue the work until you are happy.