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A genuine family business, Rootselaar Group has seen three generations of Van Rootselaars in office so far. Since the late 1950s, when Tankbouw Rootselaar was founded, five companies have joined us. As a result, we expanded our portfolio substantially .

With Cryovat, we entered the cryogenics market in the mid-1990s, enabling the storage and transport of industrial gases like liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon, and LNG. Some 10 years later, in 2009, Cryotech Asia joined us, providing regional presence while consolidating our position in cryogenics. Hadetec followed in 2011, bringing gas treatment expertise and next-level engineering. The joint venture with Cryotech Middle East enabled regional service, and since the acquisition of Kooiman Apparatenbouw, we have been able to further optimise our process equipment.

Each company has its own focus and expertise; together they provide synergy and continuity that translates to optimal quality and efficiency.

A family business at heart

We are proud craftsmen who design and manufacture tailor-made products. But we are also still a family business: we are quick to respond and follow through on our promises. Furthermore, we look after our employees, training them extensively and providing international exchange opportunities.

The result: Rootselaar Group offers pleasant working conditions for employees and solid partnerships for clients seeking high-quality pressure vessels, cryogenic equipment and gas treatment products.

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We customise standard products to meet your requirements. We have an international outlook but a local presence on three continents. Moreover, we cultivate the family business atmosphere instilled by our (grand)father. Read more about our company.

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Your solid partner since 1957

Professionally and geographically, we have grown since the early days. But at heart, we never changed: We continue to be personally involved while bringing your order to a good end.  

International focus, Dutch quality

We serve worldwide clients with robust and reliable products: we understand the value of true craftsmanship. That’s Dutch quality for you. 

We’re not satisfied until you are

We start with conventional products and then alter them to meet your requirements: We customise international standards. And we will continue the work until you are happy.